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At the very core of the exhibition, Pack & Gift offers free conferences and round table discussions that shall provide an insight on the current challenges concerning your industry!


Loyalty can't be purchased anymore, it must be won!                                                         By Olivier BERTIN 

Director of Strategic Planning LOYALTY EXPERT and co-autor of "L’Atlas du Marketing" (Eyrolles)

Evolution of promotional right: how far can we go?

By Etienne PETIT

Consultant, Cabinet Mathieu & Associés, autor of "Guide du nouveau droit de la publicité et de la promotion des ventes" (éd. Gualino Lextenso).

Trends & Use of colour in packaging

By Vanessa Lehner et Domitille Chavigny,

Colorist Designers Associate Agency Nacarat Design, colour and creation

Eco-design Packaging : how to be eco-friendly, desirable and...reliable !

By Brigitte Kahane, Founder and CEO of the Eco design Observatory
With Emmanuelle Badouix, Associate Director Coca-Cola Enterprise, Recycling
Stéphane Marchesi, General Secretary of PEFC France
Jean Louis Desmedt , Director EcoVer
Karen Lemasson, Communication Director Expanscience
and with the participation of a packaging manufacturer. 


The complete program soon available
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