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Wednesday 21 June

10.00 am Personalisation: a "weapon of mass seduction" for brands

Rountable moderated by Cécile JARRY, Marketing Manager, 656 EDITIONS
Nicolas LIVACHE, ‎Marketing & Web Project Manager, MCS Kick & Rush
Florence DANCOISNE, Sales & Marketing Director Europe, KNOLL Printing & Packaging

On markets that have become uniform or even saturated, the brands need to reinvent themselves. Personalisation is, for them, a powerful marketing tool enabling them to mark themselves out while creating fresh proximity with consumers. This is a strategy for winning back influence that concerns every sector, from packaging to promotional object, by way of POP, gift and retail design.


11.15 am When packaging makes like a work of art 


Christophe PILATE and Didier CHAN KIN, co-founders of the creation agency From Paris 
Mike STEFANINI, Graphic artist and illustrator
Julien NUGUES, Head of Group - CAPRICE DES DIEUX

Advertising has always had to work alongside artists in order to conceive, imagine and produce communication visuals. Today, although proposing a limited format of expression, packaging has become a genuine medium in its own right, but also a gigantic playing field. Let us discover the mechanisms of collaboration between the brands and the artists: when packaging makes like a work of art! 

1.30 pm Promotional objects - Raising awareness of regulations for promotional cosmetic objects and for the REACH regulations

Hubert BRUNDU, International Technical Director CPCH – SGS

Promotional objects are subject to a multitude of constantly-evolving regulations. What are these regulatory obligations, and in particular those applicable to your products?
To help you best prepare for the requirements that you will have to face, SGS is there to inform and support you.


2.30 pm These start-ups that inspire us!


Moderated by Florence BRAY, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, LSA
Louis MARTY, Founder of MERCI HANDY

They are young, they are bold, they started out from nothing (or next to nothing!), and they believed implacably in their projects, going against the grain, and creating far more than just a product or a packaging, but a brand territory, a veritable universe! On a market saturated by a crowd of brands, LE CHOCOLAT DES FRANCAIS marks itself out by proposing limited-edition bars of chocolate, while MERCI HANDY proposes fun health & beauty products for travellers.

3.30 pm Digitalisation of packagings, a stage of digital transformation of companies in general


Lisa MCGARRY, Co-founder, MOBEEFOX
With contributions from a digital expert

You want to buy a product but you want more information about its contents, its sourcing or its flavour?
This is now possible with the aid of a smartphone, by scanning a QR code on the packaging to access all kinds of information. This is a trend that helps to grow consumer trust in the products that they buy, as a testament to authenticity, but also goes beyond this, since the digitisation of packaging is just one stage in the digital transformation of companies as a whole.

5.00 pm Award ceremony   



With the members of the Jury: 
Catherine MORIOT, CEO, Packing & Packaging Expert EOP’S
Fabrice PELTIER, Designer and President of the National Packaging Design Institute
Florence BRAY, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, LSA
Jean-Pascal MARTIN-FESTA, Purchasing & Development Director, MARTELL MUMM PERRIER JOUET
Céline APELBAUM, Purchasing & Samples Development Manager, Perfumes Christian Dior
Cécile JARRY, Marketing Manager, 656 EDITIONS

Thursday 22 June

10.00 am The packaging trends making a buzz on the social networks  

Monique LARGE, Design innovation consultant, POLLENCONSULTING

New materials, printing technologies and digitisation: packaging is continually reinventing itself in order to seduce the consumer. This experience with packaging goes well beyond the physical point of sale, as testified by the conversations observed on the social networks. Which productions are most discussed, and why?
Between futile at one end of the scale and useful at the other, what are the innovations that make most sense to the end user?

10.45 am A true medium of communication at the point of sale: when packaging creates the event


Roundtable moderated by Henri SAPORTA, Editor-in-Chief, EMBALLAGES MAGAZINE
Aurélie JUILLARD, Creative studio manager, MICHEL ET AUGUSTIN
Constance GUILBERT, Graphic artist, MICHEL ET AUGUSTIN 

With a simple graphic design, an offbeat logo or a surprising and unexpected colour with regard to other brands, packaging is solely an evident and effective media as shown by troublemakers of MICHEL ET AUGUSTIN, a black packaging of a milk cartonL A LAITERIE LESFAYES or even DIDIER COSSON DESIGN of which creations are used every single day by millions of consumers.  

12.00 am Luxury the French way: the packaging of wines & spirits  

Moderated by Jean-Christophe BOULARD, General Delegate of INDP
Céline DELCOURT, Designer, Founder of CD DESIGN
Vincent VOISIN, Independent Strategy and Communication Consultant

Discover across a historical and panorama of wine and spirits’ packaging creations how the French art influences our brand perception of luxury. A journey through luxury that are illustrated by brands and packagings: real ambassador of France and its image abroad.

13.30 pm How can packaging be adapted to the new paradigm of augmented and computerised trade? 

Jean-Marc MEGNIN, Trade Forecasting Expert and AnalystaSHOPPERMIND

A last-moment communication medium, the packaging has always been the decisive element in what Procter & Gamble calls: "the First Moment of Truth'', or picking up the product and deciding to buy it. Yet now the meeting between consumer and product does not necessarily take place in the store, but via a mobile device, an application such as Amazon Prime Now, or a supermarket drive site. Packaging needs to adapt to this new state of affairs, and consider the question of "digital constraint" or "digital opportunity".

14.30 pm Embellishment, customisation and new opportunities


Roundtable moderated by Baktha JOMNI, Journalist, FRANCE GRAPHIQUE
Christian MENEGON, Business Development Manager Industrial products at Hewlett-Packard
Yaël VIDAL, Southern Europe Sales Director - Digital Printing Enhancement Systems, SCODIX
Jonathan MIHY, Managing Director, MR
Cartonnage Numérique
Jean-Baptiste AGLAGHANIAN, Director at Japell

New markets and new opportunities are open to the graphic arts actors proposing a printed matter with high added value. Communication, decoration, promotional items or packaging are concerned. What are the new trends and which strategies to adopt to differ?

3.30 pm Connected packaging : Customer feedback on the digital experience


Julie BAYSSIERES, Product Manager - INAPA

Customising and connecting your presentation box to allow customers to obtain information regarding the instructions for use, the contained ranges, and the news and flashing the cover! This is what INAPA has developed within the My Pack Connect application of Digital Packaging.

4.15 pm The vision of packaging from the consumer point of view / Limited series focus

Philippe DEVISMES, Packaging Design Expert and Managing Director of Diadem / Creative team group

The final image vector at the moment of the act of purchase, the packaging has to reinforce the personality and values of the brand. How is it perceived by the customer? What is the customer's vision and perception when choosing a product?

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